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Introduction is a free, open web art community - no strings attached. You retain all copyrights in all content submitted. Uploading your JPEGs is as easy as 1-2-3.

Find your way to new media art news and art contests. Feel free to browse through the showcase and comment on contributions.

Mar 14th 12 - css update for current browser support 
Oct 25th 10 - profile pages now display correctly when not logged in

Oct 16th 10 - fixed bug that restricted uploads for certain users
Dec 09th 08 - registration process simplified
Oct 23th 08 - RSS Feed added
Oct 16th 08 - new website design online
Oct 14th 08 - a bug that restricted users from updating their item description has been fixed

  • posted by Sebastian, 01/14/08 · 11:00 in Text