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Mermaid, the WAVE RIDER with keel, 4ft x 5 ft x 3 ft
designed as a ships figurehead, she is suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
Mermaids and mermen have been a common theme for millennia, in part, because they represent the hybridity, ambiguity, and in-between-ness of human existence and the sub-conscious desire to return to the waters from whence we came.
Ship figureheads, and in this piece, a mermaid, bespeak the need for an aesthetic in our lives.
For luck or tradition, the carver`s art of the figurehead has led many a ship oer the world oceans and carried their crews safely home.
This is a small piece commemorating a long tradition.

  • posted by sculptor, 10/28/05 · 11:00 in Sculpture