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Sehen hin und weg II

Sehen hin und weg II: "BŁgelbild".
The motivs are ironed on canvas, some texts are written on the picture with the iron, too. It`s about a juridical case with a veterinarian, who missjudged a radiological document with horrible consequences for the animal, a very nice guinea pig. The judge in court didn`t understand or didn`t want to understand the relation between the earlier fault in an operation of the animal`s teeth and the radiological proof given some month later, after a lot of handicaps which were obvious for everyone, even without medical education. The picture tries, together with "Sehen hin und weg I" & "Sehen hin und weg II", to reactivate the approach of art to shock with new techniques and to get attention for new toughts, new respect and new problems as such.

  • posted by electroniclandscape, 01/29/06 · 08:00 in Mixed Media